margara shaw

MARGARA SHAW / SS24 Collection Description

Uruguay is well-known for being a secret Eden; a landscape by the sea in South America where nature takes center stage. Our flora and fauna have always been our greatest source of inspiration, and for this collection, our indigenous gardens served as the ultimate muse. Flowers stretch high, yearning to be kissed by the sun, while wild-growing greens prove how the universe can only orchestrate divine chaos. Dragonflies gracefully dance around our most exotic deities, like the ceibo and the passion fruit flower, collectively bringing our Spring-Summer 2024 mood board to life.

The outcome? Blooming prints, of course, over asymmetrical organic cuts, detailed by our ever-present embroideries. This season also features a special yet subtle monogram, and colored jeans as an ode to the mesmerizing hues of our gardens. Sunset mellow shades further complement our prevalent neutral palette to warmly embrace the most joyful weather. Our classics never disappoint. That means summer-friendly linen, signature silhouettes in enduring quality, and contrasting backstitching, among other delightful surprises.

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Descripción de la nueva colección de Margara Shaw, junto a las otras piezas de redacción esenciales de la marca, el brand presentation y el lookbook. Redactado en español y traducido al inglés.