MONTSERA / Our Footprint

Where We Are Going

Our North – Where We Are Going

We are a collective of over 150 master artisans from 9 indigenous populations across Mexico, weaving a better social and economic future for our communities. Our alliance transcends work, as we are deeply committed to the collective well-being of each other and our families. 

Our South – Where We Come From

We are descendants of Mexico’s ancient civilizations,  preserving our ancestors’ time-honored weaving technique: the backstrap loom / time-honored weaving techniques. Each piece requires 2 to 6 weeks to complete, which is why respect for time is core to our values. We ensure our communities’ work is valued by committing to ethical business practices such as fair trade and fair payment.

Our East – What Enlightens Us

We are inspired to weave an extraordinary brand for women upholding the highest sustainability standards. Women who desire to wear their values, carry unique conversation starters, and champion fashion that resonates from the inside out.

Our West – What We Are Conscious Of

We are conscious that the future of the Earth relies on our hands. That’s why we craft pieces to last, weaving with quality organic cotton and using natural dyes chosen for their lasting hues. By dyeing threads before weaving, we ensure colors maintain their beauty and intensity over time.




Sustainability Statement for Montsera Collective. Its structure was inspired by the Mayan culture, whose architecture was based on the four coordinates, to which they attributed a sacred symbolism.