TREEVIEW / Website Storyline

Storyline and copywriting for Treeview, #1 Spatial Computing development studio in Latin America and top 10 globally, as recognized by Clutch.


How We Worked

  1. Initial Consultation: We conducted an introductory meeting to define Treeview’s website requirements.
  2. In-depth Discovery: We held a comprehensive meeting to fully understand everything about Treeview, ensuring a deep grasp of the studio’s essence.
  3. Brand Script Delivery: We provided Treeview with a Brand Script, a structured guideline for the studio’s communication. This script is crucial not only for designing the website’s storyline but also serves as an essential tool for the studio’s comprehensive communication.
  4. Storyline Development: After revising the brand script with the team, we crafted the website’s storyline, incorporating subtle recommendations for the website’s structure.
  5. Implementation Phase: Following an extensive editing phase, Treeview implemented the storyline onto the site.
  6. Final Review: Once implemented, we conducted a detailed, final review to ensure the text was presented flawlessly.
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