gonzalo papantonakis


Obsession. This singular term encapsulates the essence of Uruguayan artist Gonzalo Papantonakis. Shrouded in mystery, his private life remains largely concealed from public view, as he spends most of his time in his atelier in Punta del Este, immersed in his own unique world. Surrounded by hypnotic melodies, seductive geishas, sculptural guitars, intently gazing ants, busy brushes, and in-progress canvases, he meticulously orchestrates his forthcoming exhibitions. After a lifetime indulging in the vibrant pulse of big cities such as Buenos Aires, New York, and Los Angeles, Gonzalo finds solace back home, exploring art in an intimate dialogue with nature. From urbanity to wilderness, or finances to art, contrasts define his roller-coaster life, intensified by his unyielding obsessions. Once he unveils a realm that awakens his passion, nothing stops him from diving down a rabbit hole, evolving from mere aficionado to expert, and eventually a virtuoso by bringing a new series to life.

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