valentina karnoubi


Valentina Karnoubi announces the debut of her Spring-Summer 2024 ensemble: Alegra, a line that will soon travel to Paris and New York Fashion Week, embodying the distinguished talent from the Southern Cone. Romantic pastel shades, Fauvist brushstrokes, and the otherworldly allure of the late 60s’ cosmic fantasies became her ultimate inspiration for the forthcoming season. For her, this annual presentation is always about fantasizing about her customers’ idyllic summer vacation by the sea.

The outcome? A dreamy line, filled with surprises, that invites you to live life in full color. This is the essence of Valentina Karnoubi. For this season, the designer thought of pearlized silk taffeta, light striped cotton evoking a painting by Jack Vettriano, and watercolor illustrations of flora, fauna, and fungi in gestures reminiscent of Raoul Dufy and Picasso, that narrate stories over delicate linen canvases. 

This collection parades an array of bows, as lavish as those Marie Antoinette fancied, three-dimensional embroideries that bring the printed florals to life, and a palette inspired by Barragan’s architectural genius. The collection’s silhouettes, both feminine and sculptured, along with its resplendent evening wear, are emblematic of the brand. The gowns, covered in iridescent mermaid scales, stand as gateways to one’s most profound fantasies -those painted in the colors of joy.

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Press Release for Valentina Karnoubi’s SS2024 collection. Written in English and in Spanish.