GUADALUPE / SS24 Collection Description

Winner silhouettes, natural lightweight textiles in joyful colors, and the brand’s signature prints honoring fine craftsmanship. These are the flavorful spices that make Guadalupe a success, season after season. There are things that never miss in our collections: timeless shirtwaist dresses, wild tigers in our Indian block prints, and Colombian hand-knitted bags. Every day, everywhere, and for every woman is our philosophy. This season, we reaffirmed this mantra, and the versatility it suggests, with a shoot that made Central Park roar. Our pieces are no-brainers for resort destinations, however, our latest Spring-Summer campaign shows how, with the right pair of shoes, they can also make it to the big city. Contemporary midi dresses in flattering feminine cuts, classic wrap dresses with the right amount of volume, and elegant beach wrap skirts are some of the pieces that evolve alongside the women in our community, empowering them, and encouraging them to live life in full color.

Conoce Guadalupe 


Descripción de la nueva colección de Guadalupe, junto a las otras piezas de redacción esenciales de la marca y el lookbook. Redactado en español y traducido al inglés.